Summer School 2023

Summer School 2023
Posted on 06/19/2023
Advantage Metals Field Trip/Service Projects Delivery Day

Summer School 2023 started on May 30, 2023 and ran through June 16, 2023.  The theme for this year's summer school was service.  Throughout summer school teacher's planned different service projects that students delivered on June 15, 2023 during their field trip.

Several service projects were completed during summer school.  One of the service projects held during the entire summer school was collecting cans to be taken to Advantage Metals.  Students raised a little over $31.  The money raised was donated to Open Door.  Money was delivered on the June 15th field trip.

Four field trips were scheduled during summer school.  The first field trip was held on June 2nd.  Dragons went to a farm and Blinde Boone Park.   On June 9th dragons attended the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce Kite/Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Students enjoyed watching different kites.  Thank you to the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce for this free event to the public. 

On June 15th dragons went to Advantage Metals to see the process of recycling metals. Students saw what 1,400 pounds of crushed cans looked like.  Students took the cans collected during summer school to be recycled.  They earned $31.50 to donate to Open Door.  Student delivered service projects to Pettis County Fire Department, Sedalia Fired Department, Pettis County Sheriff's Department, Open Door, and the Senior Center located in Heckart Community Center.  During lunch the Literacy Council donated books.  Each dragon was able to pick a book and take it home.  Thank you to the Literacy Council!

Dragons ended summer school with a pool party on June 16th at Centennial Pool in Sedalia.  Thank you to the teachers for all the wonderful enrichment activities.summer school field trip