Happy Retirement!

Happy Retirement
Posted on 06/01/2023

Mrs. Becky Barnes has worked at Pettis County R-12 for 18 years.  She has also worked at Northwest Elementary.  Favorite memory: Watching the youngsters grow up and the support they give each other.  I most love the coworkers at Dresden and the sense of family.  Advice: Be flexible and have fun.

Becky Barnes

Mrs. Jami Kahle has worked for Pettis County R-12 for 25 years.  She has been an educator for 32 years and has also worked at Morgan County R-1 School District (Stover) and Benton County R-1 (Cole Camp).  Favorite memory: I have so many favorite memories it is hard to narrow them down to just one, but I will choose one that affected the entire building. Back in 2011, the building superintendent decided we were going to spend the day celebrating writing and reading skills. Mrs. Meehan and I planned an experience the students would never forget. We traveled back in time to experience an 1800s school day. The day started off in a shower of sparks as one of the lights in the gym decided to snap, sizzle, and send a shower of sparks down on a guest speaker. This excited and scared most of the students, so we headed back to our room to begin our projects. One such project was making candles. Everything was going as planned. The students were engaged and having a good time when all of a sudden, the fire alarms in the building went off. The entire building had to be evacuated into a downpour. It took a while before the students were allowed to get into the annex by which time everyone, teachers and students alike, were soaked to the bone and freezing. We later learned our hot wax set the fire alarms off. To finish the afternoon off, a field trip to the little red schoolhouse on M Hwy was set to take place. We loaded the bus and headed out. All was good. again. We arrived at our destination, unloaded the bus, and waited for our tour to take place. Our guide finally arrived, the rain came down in sheets once again and we were all stuck outside again. The door to the one-room schoolhouse was swollen and wouldn't open. What a mess! I looked at Mrs. Meehan and said, "We're going in if I have to break the door in." Fortunately for me, I didn't have to o to that extreme. We were able to get in with just a little prying and pushing. This was truly a day I would never forget. I don't think we ever had a 2nd annual reading and writing event. What do you love most about Dresden: I love the size of our district. The class size is small which allows teachers to know their students very well. I love the environment we have created. We work together to create a kind, respectful, and caring atmosphere. I view the students as my children. Finally, I love the staff. We feel more like family than coworkers. I am going to really miss my Dresden School Family. Advice: Live life to the fullest. Never stop working hard to reach your dreams. Don't give up when the going gets tough. Find a way to push yourself through the rough times. Be humble and kind. Both characteristics will get you far in life.

Jami Kahle


Thank you to the both of you for your dedication to Pettis County R-XII School District. Enjoy your retirement!